Saturday, August 15, 2020

Covid-19 Passenger Safety

 Tony Doyle Coaches Ltd have taken the measures below to significantly reduce the opportunity for exposure to Covid-19 on board our vehicles. Customer and staff safety is our top priority, so you may see we have gone above just appearing to sanitise the coaches, we have researched and used the correct techniques to get the results our discerning customers expect.

  • Passenger Screening: Upon boarding we check all passengers temperature. We also ask passengers to self screen prior to leaving their home to assist with reducing the risk of contact further.
  • Professional Drivers: Our drivers wear PPE and are temperature checked prior to service.
  • Professional Sanitation Unit: This is where we differ from our competitors. Many providers are using standard foggers to sanitise their vehicles. We discovered that fogging is effective at cleaning the air but it’s dependant on the direction of the spray and the effect of gravity, so it struggles to cover all the interior surfaces of a coach. Fogging may miss or ineffectively cover vital areas such as the sloped rear of the seat in front and the windows / sidewalls. We have instead opted to use an electrostatic unit, which may cost many times more, but is actually effective at cleaning the air and covering 100% of the surfaces you may come in contact with, even those hidden from view.
  • Antimicrobial Sanitation: Our sanitation product will not only remove all traces of viruses etc, it will also remain active on all of the surfaces 24 hours a day deactivating all viruses that land on any surface onboard. Another important reason why we chose to use electrostatic application instead of fogging, so we know our coaches don’t have areas where the virus can hide.
  • Zoono Hand Sanitiser: Upon boarding we have chosen to provide our passengers a highly effective sanitiser that will remain effective, even after washing, to deactivate the virus on their hands for 24 hours. If you somehow come into contact with the virus, the sanitiser will deactivate the virus on your hands so you won’t easily spread the virus to surfaces such as your phone or face. Think of it as our gift to you, every time you travel with us we offer you protection throughout the day!
  • Masks Are Compulsory: We have to provide a safe working environment for our staff, as much as we have to ensure our passengers can travel together safely. We require all of our passengers to wear a mask over the nose and mouth throughout the journey. If we all wear masks correctly the risk of transmission will be reduced significantly. We can arrange to provide masks to passengers if required (at cost price).
  • Control of Passenger Numbers: 2 Meter distancing is currently being advised locally but isn’t compulsory onboard private transport. We expect many people even with the precautions taken above will still prefer to sit with an empty seat beside them reducing capacity by at least 50%. You can set the maximum number of passengers per vehicle, maintaining the social distance you require for your group.

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